On feeding – my soul, our bellies 

Since moving to NYC, I have become more of a housewife/home manager/chef/director of housekeeping – essentially all of the above. It seems as though I’m typically in charge of figuring out what is going in our bellies at any given time. So, I’ve been the one making dinner reservations, ordering food online, grocery shopping, cooking,Continue reading “On feeding – my soul, our bellies “

On seeing through the fog…

In a city like Boulder, Colorado, where they boast that the sun shines nearly 300 days a week, it’s always a little strange when you can’t see the mountains behind the clouds. And, then, it’s always such a revelation when they begin to lift and expose the glorious peaks. It was like I had neverContinue reading “On seeing through the fog…”

On reunions…On justice…On Pandemics…On goodbyes

It’s been a few days since I’ve sat down at my computer to notate some insights about life, love, and navigation.  Ashay and I became empty-nesters about 12 weeks ago, for those of you who might not know. And so, I was visiting another city, Boston, for the long weekend to be with my greatContinue reading “On reunions…On justice…On Pandemics…On goodbyes”

I’m starting with the girl in the mirror…

I decided to go easy on myself for the first two weeks living in New York. I unpacked our belongings, ordered items that we needed on almost a daily basis, and shed some tears on what I thought was my early retirement from the career I loved. You see, this was the deal I hadContinue reading “I’m starting with the girl in the mirror…”

The Day After The Rittenhouse Verdict

It’s that time of the week again where I give thanks to the one constant joy of my life…coffee In a world so rife with injustice I find myself, once again, deep in contemplation. I know the comfort of a warm beverage won’t hold the key to understanding, but it certainly helps as I gazeContinue reading “The Day After The Rittenhouse Verdict”

On creating an introduction …

On WordPress, when one embarks on a new blogging adventure, they ask you to create an introduction. So, this morning, while walking my extremely cute and still very vibrant senior dog, Sami the Shih Tzu, I began to develop a list in my mind. You see, for me to introduce myself, it became increasingly importantContinue reading “On creating an introduction …”