On Finding The Beauty

Recently, on FaceBook, I shared my perspective on how navigating the streets of New York City can feel akin to being inside a video game where the objective is to avoid obstacles like puddles of mysterious liquids, electric delivery bikes buzzing down the sidewalks, and even the unpleasant surprises of long-forgotten poop bombs. However, thisContinue reading “On Finding The Beauty”

Prepare yourselves – I’m about to get sentimental. 

Thirteen months ago, I was gearing up for two occurrences. One much bigger than the other. CBDC’s 5th Annual Boulder Contemporary Dance Festival was going live and in-person for the 1st time since 2019. And, the day after the show, we would depart for our 3rd act – moving to New York City! These wereContinue reading “Prepare yourselves – I’m about to get sentimental. “

On Writing a New Narrative

Sometimes, it is easier to find one good story or stock answer neatly packed in your back pocket when meeting up with friends you haven’t seen in a while. Especially when you, yourself, have made a significant life change.  My daughter had been visiting from college for the past ten days in NYC, and someContinue reading “On Writing a New Narrative”