On Writing a New Narrative

Sometimes, it is easier to find one good story or stock answer neatly packed in your back pocket when meeting up with friends you haven’t seen in a while. Especially when you, yourself, have made a significant life change.  My daughter had been visiting from college for the past ten days in NYC, and someContinue reading “On Writing a New Narrative”

On feeding – my soul, our bellies 

Since moving to NYC, I have become more of a housewife/home manager/chef/director of housekeeping – essentially all of the above. It seems as though I’m typically in charge of figuring out what is going in our bellies at any given time. So, I’ve been the one making dinner reservations, ordering food online, grocery shopping, cooking,Continue reading “On feeding – my soul, our bellies “

On seeing through the fog…

In a city like Boulder, Colorado, where they boast that the sun shines nearly 300 days a week, it’s always a little strange when you can’t see the mountains behind the clouds. And, then, it’s always such a revelation when they begin to lift and expose the glorious peaks. It was like I had neverContinue reading “On seeing through the fog…”