A Brooklyn Story

When one goes on a, shall we say, “sabbatical, with no schedule and few meetings to attend, one might feel that the days bleed into each other. Imagine my excitement when I had something on my calendar to go to! Ashay and I made ourselves cute and ready to socialize as we headed out for dear friends’ housewarming/birthday party. After dropping off our fur baby at his NYC grandmother’s house, we headed to the train station. We arrived at our destination by riding one train, transferring to another, and finishing our trek with a short(ish) walk. We proceeded to plug in the code to their apartment only to receive a voicemail message. Fast forward to a few attempts later, I decided to call on my phone. Upon hearing another voicemail, I left the following message…“Robbie, it’s Cindy and Ashay. We’re outside your building”. It was at that moment I thought I should revisit the email with the party invite. Yep, the party was on the 21st. “It is the 21st, I declared!” I then pulled up my calendar and realized that as my days bled into each other, I convinced myself that it was the 21st when it was only the 20th! As I texted my friend to acknowledge my faux pas, my tail dropped between my legs, and my leg, it turns out, is incapable of kicking my own butt! We managed to get ourselves to a pizza joint, made it back to Manhattan to make Manhattans, and then proceeded to laugh hysterically for some time about our misadventure!
As I like to say on repeat these days, “each new day is a chance to start all over again.” And so we will. See you later today Brooklyn. If at first, you don’t succeed…

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