What A Difference A Year Makes

What A Difference A Year Makes

Today I celebrate one year in New York City. And what a year it has been. When I mentioned to Ashay and Sami, who admittedly was still snoozing, that we had made it one year so far, Ashay listed much of what has transpired since our Big Apple arrival. 

In just one year, we encountered the Omicron variant, layoffs at Ashay’s company (though, very luckily, he remains employed), more rejections than I could possibly count, reconnecting with old friends, some breathtaking Broadway performances, thousands of steps each day, and delicious restaurants (well, some were not so delicious, but what are you going to do?)! 

And, in these twelve months, I found myself in deep despair as I searched for my place in this city I had dreamed of living in all of my life. But now, here I am, teaching dance in a school and preparing for the debut of CBDC – the NYC era! The applications for residencies and employment will continue to be a large part of my existence as I continue the hustle necessary to keep it all going. 

As for writing – I’m working on making that a more constant practice in my life. More to come on that! 

But for today, I will count my blessings. I will acknowledge this moment of gratitude for all my loved ones who believed in me and encouraged me to hold on to hope that, in time, all will work out! 

And to NYC – here’s to the next year – and more to come! 

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