On Finding The Beauty

Recently, on FaceBook, I shared my perspective on how navigating the streets of New York City can feel akin to being inside a video game where the objective is to avoid obstacles like puddles of mysterious liquids, electric delivery bikes buzzing down the sidewalks, and even the unpleasant surprises of long-forgotten poop bombs. However, this is not my everyday experience when I am out and about, especially on my many walks with my beloved Shih Tzu, Sami. At times it can be downright beautiful!
You see, our apartment is located between the urban landscape and a lovely bit of nature. Just behind our building runs the flowing Hudson River, and we often walk along the Battery Park City Esplanade, which can be a peaceful and serene escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. It’s an idyllic respite within a relentless urban environment. More often than not, I am thankful to live in this calmer neighborhood that provides a getaway from the more energetic parts of the city.
New York City embodies both sides of human nature, with its blend of creativity and destruction, beauty and reality, and good and evil. As a hub for innovation and art, it attracts the best minds and talents from around the world. However, it’s also a place that has seen its share of tragedy and devastation.
Despite this complexity, I find myself fascinated by New York City, as it offers an unrivaled richness of experiences and perspectives. I have no desire to live in a place where everything is one-sided or stagnant. Instead, I value the dynamic and diverse energy of the city, which constantly challenges me to learn and grow.
However, I also recognize that the city’s complexity comes at a cost. I long for a more just and peaceful society, one free of violence and inequality.
Living in this city, I’ve come to appreciate the unpredictable nature of each day. Some days, I need to be alert and mindful of the unexpected surprises that await me on the bustling streets. On other days, I can slow down and take in the breathtaking beauty of nature that unexpectedly reveals itself.
Despite the challenges that come with city life, I am grateful for the grit and energy that New York City embodies. It really is the place that never sleeps, where there’s always something happening, and where you can find people from all walks of life. This constant stimulation and diversity have broadened my perspectives and enriched my life in ways I could never have expected.
In essence, living in this city has taught me to appreciate both the good and the bad, the beauty and the grit, and the highs and the lows. It’s a reminder to stay open and receptive to all of life’s experiences, to be present in each moment, and to never take anything for granted.
And so, I’ll continue taking my daily walks with Sami and breathe in the city for all it offers. And I’ll also keep my eyes peeled for potential little surprises – after all, I don’t have a hose to wash off my shoes!

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